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In order to participate in the MESA program you must be;

  • An Oregon Resident
  • Have under $10,000 in net assets
  • Meet our income requirements
  • And be older than 12 years of age

We have these limits on eligibility to ensure that Oregonians who need this service the most have access to it. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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I am an Oregon resident*

*If you answer True to any of the following statements consider yourself an Oregon resident.

• I remain in Oregon for a consecutive period of six months or more each year

• I pay Oregon resident tuition fees at an educational institution maintained by public funds

• I have enrolled my children in an Oregon public school paying resident tuition fees

• I have made a declaration to be a resident of Oregon for the purpose of obtaining, at resident rates, a state license (other than an Oregon Driver License)

• Oregon is listed as my home of record in my military records

• I pay resident income taxes to the state of Oregon


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I am 12 years or older.


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I have less than $20,000 of net worth.

Please calculate your net worth using the following guidelines:

  • Do not include your first home and first car and up to the first $60,000 of your household's retirement accounts.
  • Add the value of your households's assets such as: bank accounts, your 401k/IRA, 2nd house, or 2nd car, stocks and bonds, etc.
  • Subtract liabilities such as: credit cards bills, home loans, or car loans

For example: You have a $1,000 car, $100 in investments, and $500 in business inventory that makes up your assets. You have $500 of car loan debt, $700 of credit card debt, and $200 of personal debt to your friends. For IDA eligibility net worth you would exclude your 1st car and home, so in this case you would subtract the $1000 in car value as well as the $500 loans on your car. You would include everything else.

$100 + $500 = $600 Total Assets $700 + $200 = $900 Total Liabilities

$600 Total Assets - $900 Total Liabilities = -$300 Net Worth

Please note that having a negative net worth does not exclude you from applying to the MCSP program.


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Based on this chart and the number of people (including myself) in my household, my household annual income is below the value listed.

Adjusted Gross Income 

Household Size
(including yourself)
MCSP Eligible 2015
Income Limit
1 $23,540
2 $31,860
3 $40,180
4 $48,500
5 $56,820
6 $65,140
7 $73,460
8 $81,780

For each additional person, add $8,320


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